American Dad Season 13 Episode 15 Review: “The Life and Times of Stan Smith”


Check out a review of American Dad episode “The Life And Times Of Stan Smith:

It’s been over a month since the last new installment of American Dad and while “The Life and Times of Stan Smith” is far from a perfect episode, it makes for a satisfying return. It’s an entry that effectively hits all of the reasons why this show continues to work so well with a script that comes from the always reliable Jordan Blum and Parker Deay who have these characters locked down at this point.

Blum and Deay play to their strengths with this episode relying heavily on characterization. Right from the opening scene Stan can’t help but turn his yearly physical into a big production that his entire family must endure. It’s a gesture that’s so purely Stan Smith that you can’t help but laugh when it blows up in his face (the quick aside that Francine on the other hand has never had a physical is also spot on).

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