More ‘King of the Hill’? Another ‘Beavis & Butthead’ Movie?


Mike Judge has been carrying a great career for 25+ years. Now he’s the creator of Silicon Valley on HBO, but there may be plans to revive his old animated sitcoms.

At PaleyFest last week, Judge talked about Fox’s plans to revive King of the Hill, his hit animated sitcom of 275 episodes and 13 seasons.

“It would have to have a passage of time… People have grown up. I think The Simpsons are so iconic just the way they’re drawn, you can keep Bart that same age for 60 years. Our characters, it was starting to strain a little bit to have Bobby still be that age for that long.”

He also talked about a possible Beavis & Butthead film.

“It came up two months ago. It’s just a matter of coming up with an idea that feels like it’s worth doing. They’ve talked about a movie possibly.”

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