Meet the Cast of Netflix’s “Big Mouth


In some ways it almost feels as though a giant, clandestine group of writers and animators got together decades ago and decided to play a long-running game of ‘can you top this?’ and have been doing so ever since. Big Mouth is another cartoon in a long line of them that seems to push the envelope with great aplomb when it comes to sexual matters and the idea of growing up while attempting to discover one’s own sexuality. The main characters and those that support them throughout the series are constantly being presented with sexual situations that are either very disturbing or somehow hilarious given that a lot of people can relate, in a way, to what they’re going through. The raging hormones that a teenager experiences during this point in their life tends to make life very confusing and quite awkward, at least for several years until a person figures out just what to do with themselves.

Here is the cast of voice actors that were picked to bring this show to life.

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