Stream It Or Skip It: ‘Paradise PD‘ On Netflix, Which Is Basically ‘Brickleberry’ With More Swearing


If you were a fan of the bawdy fun of Comedy Central’s Brickleberry then the team behind it — Roger Black and Waco O’Guin — are back with Paradise PD, only this time the cuffs (so to speak) are off because it’s on Netflix. Is it as funny as their first show?

The Gist: In a flashback, we see that Randall was so loose with his gun that Kevin managed to pick it up and shoot both of his dad’s testicles accidentally as he was about to make love to Kevin’s mom Karen (Grey Griffin).

Cut to 13 years later; Kevin is an adult who wants to join the force. Randall, balding, needing testosterone patches to keep his moustache from falling off, divorced, and utterly defeated, thinks that his kid can’t handle the job, based on the ball-shooting incident. Encouraged by his mother, who is now mayor, Kevin joins the force anyway; his dad makes him a crossing guard.

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