You Can Win a ‘Venture Bros’ Ice Cream Cake From the Mighty Monarch (Video)


Fans of “The Venture Bros.” who turned in to Sunday’s episode might receive an ice cream cake for their dedication. All they had to do was call a number and pretend to be one of the show’s characters.

Sunday’s episode, “The Inamorata Consequence,” saw the two governing bodies of protagonists and antagonists in the “Venture” universe, the Office of Secret Intelligence and the Guild of Calamitous Intent, coming together at the old destroyed Venture compound for a conference. With Rusty Venture (James Urbaniak) officiating the “Treaty of Tolerance Summit,” the two groups tried to renegotiate the very strict bureaucracy of how the bad guys menace the good guys — a long-running gag in “The Venture Bros.” that imagines how the world would really function if costumed villains and heroes were constantly tussling.

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