Rick & Morty Crossover Unlikely in Trover Saves the Universe


It seems like we won’t be seeing any portals, Meeseeks or cameos from Rick and Morty themselves during Trover Saves the Universe. In an interview at PAX West, Justin Roiland (creator of both Trover and the popular sci-fi show) told IGN that the new PS4/PSVR game is “it’s own thing.”

That’s not to say that there isn’t a connection between the two, however. One of Rick & Morty’s key plot points is that there are infinite universes and realities, and Roiland acknowledges that. “We’ve seen Rick & Morty find themselves on a planet [with] chairs that are the sentient dominant species… Which is f**king crazy,” he says. “So, I mean, to that level of absurdity and [with] infinite realities, it’s completely feasible that all of this stuff could be happening in the same universe. But there hasn’t been any thought about, like, direct crossover or any of that kind of stuff.”

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