New play based on The Simpsons opens in Auckland

THE SIMPSONS MOVIE, Marge Simpson (back left, voice: Julie Kavner), Maggie Simpson (front left), Lisa Simpson (center left, voice: Yeardley Smith), Bart Simpson (center right, Nancy Cartwright), Homer Simpson (voice: Dan Castellaneta), 2007. TM & copyright ©20th Century Fox. All rights reserved/courtesy Everett Collection

A new show has opened in Auckland, and it’s based on The Simpsons.

Called Mr Burns, the Silo Theatre play features some well-known Kiwi performers, such as Ana Scotney from The Breaker Upperers and Joel Tobeck whose list of work includes Sons of Anarchy and Shortland Street.

Written by Anne Washburn, the story begins with an untold apocalyptic event, and how the recollection of the famous Simpsons episode Cape Feare – where Sideshow Bob tries to kill Bart – helps bind those left alive.

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