EXCLUSIVE: Toddland Launches Bob’s Burgers, Family Guy NYC Collection


Look, we love you San Diego Comic-Con. We love you a whole lot. But we’ll admit, sometimes, we give a few wistful looks and sigh when we see New York Comic Con scroll across our Twitter feed every October, wishing we could be there too, if only things like “money” and “budgets” and “only so many vacation days” weren’t so hard to overcome.

If that scenario sounds familiar to you, then Toddland might just have a solution for you. As they’re also not able to make it New York Comic Con, they’re instead bringing some New York flair to their popular Bob’s Burgers and Family Guy merchandise — and to the fans. The new collection celebrates everything that you love about New York — like Hamilton, Broadway (WickedBook of Mormon!), pizza, and did we mention Hamilton?

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