South Park revisits the Catholic Church’s scandals in an especially dark outing


In 2002, South Park was gradually growing into its role as a show that could adroitly comment on the news of the day, rather than just an outlet for us to laugh at the notion of children saying curse words. The previous year, “Osama Bin Laden Has Farty Pants” was the quickest response to 9/11, and for all of its ridiculousness, likely played a role in helping people cope with their grief after the attack. The following year, the scandal of child molestation within the Catholic Church had became a major story, and South Park responded with “Red Hot Catholic Love,” and an episode that reveled in its irreverence, and presented Priest Maxi as the lone fighter against priests abusing boys, while also theorizing on…umm..a new way to ingest food in the subplot.

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