Nine Seasons in, Bob’s Burgers Remains as Well Done as Ever


If your preferred metric for animated TV is “absurd but endearing,” last night’s ninth-season premiere of Bob’s Burgers may have broken your dial. After Tina Belcher’s family accuses her of being preoccupied with boys—“I’m not boy crazy, I’m boy-focused,” she tells them—she decides to dress up as a boy to follow another boy into a boy-band audition. (Hang on, we’re only about halfway through the “boy”s.) The rest of the episode involves Tina meeting and fantasizing about other would-be boybanders, leading to a variety of musical sequences in which she portrays a) an astronaut caught in a outer-space love triangle with two boys who compete for her love, b) a high-powered executive on a work trip with an colleague boy in an opposites-attract rom-com, and c) an ’80s aerobics student who catches the eye of the boy leading the class. It’s all exactly as ridiculous as you might imagine. And exactly as enjoyable.

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