The Venture Bros. Answers Questions We Didn’t Know We Had…(Spoilers)


The climax to The Venture Bros. season 7 came and went this past Sunday and it has to be said, what a season! They tied up a lot of loose ends, some of which we never knew needed tying up. Join us as we break down the season and what exactly these revelations mean for the show going forward.

Let’s first talk about that final episode and where it leaves us. As far as season finales of The Venture Bros. go this one tied up really nicely in terms of narrative and was so calm the series almost feels complete. This episode starts with Dr. Thaddeus “Rusty” Venture showing his incredible lack of competence, a staple of the series, as he is taken moments after the “Black Out Team” arrives via teleporter. We are introduced to Hank Venture walking through a frozen wasteland from the movie Barbarella, revealed to us by The Action Man who drops the bombshell that Hank is dead. The Guild is performing a play where The Monarch and Henchman 21 will become level 10 villains. For the first time ever the name of the boys’ mother gets dropped, Bobbi St. Simone. We also get confirmation along with the characters that The Monarch and Dr. Venture are in fact related since it was hinted at earlier this season.

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