Shrimply Pibbles, Sleepy Gary, Fart : 9 Best Guest Stars on Rick and Morty


Werner Herzog as Shrimply Pibbles on Rick & Morty

Shrimply Pibbles made the list!

In the ever-complicated universe of Rick and Morty, all manner of aliens trickle in and out of orbit. There are creatures from Pluto. In additio, there are bug-like members of the Galactic Federation. Also, there are beings from the fourth dimension, and even interdimensional puffs of gas.

One of the show’s creators, Justin Roiland, voices both Rick and Morty. He’s joined by a cast that includes Sarah Chalke as Beth, Chris Parnell  as Jerry and Spencer Grammer as Summer. In addition to them, Rick and Morty has made good use of many big names in comedy and beyond to voice characters on the show. Names both big and small from the worlds of animation and comedy have graced Rick and Morty. Even though each has made a great show even better, a number of them have really stood out as memorable.

Here are the nine best guest actor voice roles that have been included on Rick and Morty:

From Shrimply Pibbles to Krombopulos Michael to Sleepy Gary and more, Check out the full list at Inverse