The Awesomes v. SuperMansion: Dawn of Supersatire


With the overabundance of superhero media, or even with their prevalence in the world since the late 30’s, people are bound to notice the truly crazy and mockable tropes and clichés that they can turn into jokes. Some fully embrace the camp and fun like “Batman: The Brave and the Bold”, others take it down dark and psychological alleys like The Venture Bros. And some decide to just take the idea of a superhero team into the realm of full-on adult satire, like today’s subjects: The Awesomes, created by SNL alumni Seth Meyers, and SuperMansion, created by Robot Chicken writers Matt Senreich and Zeb Wells. The Awesomes lasted a scant three seasons on Hulu, and with SuperMansion just now putting Season 3 in the books, the time feels right to examine these two similar series regarding where they go right, where they go wrong, and where their subgenre can go from here.

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