‘SuperMansion’ creators Zeb Wells and Matthew Senreich confess their love for comics and break …


While Netflix has established itself firmly in the adult animated genre with shows like ‘Archer’ and ‘BoJack Horseman’ gaining massive popularity within a short period of time, Sony Crackle’s four-time Emmy winning adult comedy ‘SuperMansion’ has been able to show the same potential for the network with its fast-paced humor and quick wit. All credit goes to creator Zeb Wells — who has also lent his voice for the show — and his partner in crime from their ‘Robot Chicken’ days, Matthew Senreich — who is the writer for the show. With its latest release, which is a Thanksgiving special titled ‘A Prayer for Mr. T’, the show escalated its comic quotient when it comes to the simplistic slice-of-life portrayal of the superheroes we have grown up admiring, but through characters which are basically spoofs of our favorite DC Comics and Marvel Comic Universe characters.

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