Bob’s Burgers “Twinkly Lights” is the Holiday Theme We Need in 2018


We’re now officially in the part of the year when it is socially acceptable to put up decorations, drink eggnog, and binge on holiday television and music. These shows and songs are the comfort food that makes my season bright, and last year Bob’s Burgers added a new classic to the Christmas canon.

Airing December 10th, 2017- too late (and too cheery?) to hit the zeitgeist of 2017- season 8, episodes 6 and 7, ‘The Bleakening’ portrayed the Belchers searching for their stolen Christmas tree, only to find it part of an underground Christmas-themed rave. At the stroke of midnight, a drag queen named XXXmas sings an ode to Christmas lights that is as near to perfect as one can ask for.

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