Where Is Kanye West Getting All These ‘Rick and Morty‘ Drawings of Himself?


Kanye West’s Twitter account has been a confusing place to navigate in 2018 (to say the least), and a bizarre new mystery has presented itself in recent months: Why does Kanye keep sharing cartoons of himself drawn into the Rick and Morty universe without any explanation?

After swearing off politics, Kanye has been filling his feed with fantasies of what his own life would look like if he were a character in his favorite TV show. He even sent one of the images over text to his wife, Kim Kardashian, with the caption, “May I take you to another galaxy.” OK, wait a minute. Where is Kanye getting all of these? Is he commissioning someone to do them? Is he following a fan art account and re-sharing them all himself? What’s going on here?

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