The writer of “the Simpsons” told about the fate of the relationship of Homer and Marge


In the main couples of the cult animated series will never change and fights, said Mike Reiss

Screenwriter of the animated series “The Simpsons” Mike Reiss in conversation with mass-media spoke about taboo topics in the show and why the show even 30 years after its inception remains popular. He also revealed that never happens between the main characters — Homer and Marge.

“We will never allow the marriage of Homer and Marge cheating has occurred. And cannot imagine, for example, Homer hit Marge”, — he said.

Mike Reuss also said that a taboo for writers are also jokes about shooting in schools and colleges as it is quite a sensitive issue for the United States.

In the opinion of Reuss, the viewer can turn on any episode and have no idea what year it came out. The success of “the Simpsons” opening to the screens in 1989, he explained the love of the audience for a family show.

Info c/o  The Bobr Times