Watch Family Guy pay tribute to Carrie Fisher with Angela’s funeral


Family Guy will welcome Peter’s new bosses at the Pawtucket brewery in Sunday’s episode, and their voices will sound more than a little familiar. Yes, that’s Bryan Cranston and Niecy Nash playing husband-and-wife team Bert and Sheila.

But before you meet the new man and woman in charge, the animated Fox comedy will pay tribute to the old one: Angela, voiced by Carrie Fisher. The actress/writer, who died two years ago with a film resume that boasted Star WarsHannah and Her Sisters, and When Harry Met Sally, lent her voice to two dozen episodes of Family Guy over the years, and the producers were thrilled by the way she attacked the aggressive-but-lonely, more-complicated-than-you-think character who harassed Peter; learning of her inner sadness, he rescued her from the throes of suicide and even semi-cheated on Lois to boost Angela’s spirits. “It would be easy for a less capable actress to make that character kind of one-note, gruff, and yelling all the time,” Family Guy executive producer Steve Callaghan told EW last year. “But Carrie brought to it a depth that I don’t think just anyone could have…We’re incredibly grateful to her for that, and we all feel the loss of that now that we’re writing episodes that don’t have Angela in them.”

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