Adult Swim’s Batshit New Stop-Motion Show Is Like a Window into Your Wildest Nightmares


Do you like truth? And stop-motion animation? And mind-melting, nightmare-fueling, deviant philosophical insanity? Well lucky for you, The Shivering Truth is here to satisfy your soul’s every surreal, sinister need.

Premiering on Sunday, Dec. 9 as the newest member of Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim line-upThe Shivering Truth seems born from the deepest recesses of a slumbering psyche, where hopes, fears and freakish thoughts about societal and cultural issues all swim about, commingling in ways that are at once haphazard and lucid. It operates according to the rules of the subconscious, flowing fast and freely from one vignette to the next. Body horror, social commentary, film criticism and droll absurdity are some of the many modes in which it operates, although trying to categorize this most Dadaist of series in straightforward terms is a near-impossible endeavor—and one the show itself is determined to thwart at every out-there turn.

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