Fuse Orders New Adult Animated Series From The Creators of “The Boondocks”


Carl Jones and Brian Ash, producers of The Boondocks, are taking their talents to Fuse for a new series called Sugar and Toys with a bow coming in 2019. According to Deadline:

The half-hour comedy sends up toy commercials and PSAs, tackling a range of social issues and featuring bookended host segments with rapper and actor Kyle (Netflix’s The After Party). Along with Jones and Ash, Aengus James and Colin King Miller are executive producers. Kyle Harvey is Co-Executive Producer and Lalo Alcaraz is Consulting Producer. This is Just a Test and 245 Enterprises are producers.

Our Take

Carl has been teasing new projects for a while, and now we’ve got his first new series of 2019 on deck with new seasons of The Jellies and Lazor Wulf expected to also hit next year on Adult Swim. For Fuse, Deadline has incorrectly identified Sugar and Toys as the network’s first adult animated series, in fact, the second season of The Hollywood Puppet Show dropped earlier this year. That said, this is probably the network’s biggest play in the arena thus far and gives cable TV another high profile series to look forward to in 2019.

Info c/o Bubble Blabber