Review: Bob’s Burgers “Better Off Sled”


It’s winter break, and the Belchers, Rudy, and Darryl are looking forward to sledding at the park—but when they arrive, Logan and his friends have monopolized the hill for their snowball fight. When the kids try to sled anyway, Logan pelts them with snowballs. None of them are great at throwing, but Rudy’s cousin Mandy is on the high school softball team. As it turns out, Logan used to torment Mandy at school, so she has no qualms about using her talent to drive Logan and his friends away.

The next day, the Belchers return to the slopes, but enormous snowballs start raining down from the sky. Logan’s crew has enlisted a varsity basketballer, and his attacks are so vicious that Mandy turns tail and heads home.

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