Rick and Morty’s Raunchiest Episode Still Raises an Deep Moral Question


Is it better to sacrifice one for the good of many? What if the guy’s a total loser anyway? That’s the very serious, deeply moral question at the heart of “Interdimensional Cable 2: Tempting Fate,” one of only two Rick and Morty episodes to pick up a TV-MA rating from the FCC. Is that because of the foul language? All the dick jokes? The extreme violence? All three?

Because this is Rick and Morty, the utilitarian moral dilemma here involves whether or not Jerry Smith is willing to sacrifice his human penis to save the dying heart of Shrimply Pibbles, an alien civil rights leader dubbed “the most important man in the universe.” Somehow, the physiology works out perfectly. So what kind of man would make this sacrifice to preserve the good of the universe?

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