The Best 18 Hip Hop Moments In South Park History

After 20+ years as one of the best cartoons for adults on television, South Park has left no stone unturned in pop culture. Naturally, they have made fun of every area of American life, including the biggest stars and situations in the Hip Hop world.

A blogger at XXL Magazine has collected the animated TV show’s best 18 Hip Hop moments. Some classics include Kanye West as a gay fish and P Diddy’s ‘vote or die’ campaign. The list spans the whole series, from recent episodes all the way back to the late 90’s.

Animated TV shows rarely survive as long as South Park has, which gives them an opportunity to skewer so many aspects of culture, as well as the constantly changing landscape of music, tv, and film. This shows that, not only has South Park been an equal opportunity offender, it will always be one of the best cartoons for adults no matter how long it may run. And it will surely keep making fun of whatever is next to come in the pop culture world.

Check out the list here.