This New Rick & Morty Video Has Fans Convinced Season 4 Is Coming Soon

Rick and Morty fans have waited a long time for a new episode, but that wait may be over soon. The cult-beloved animated series unexpectedly posted a new video clip on Twitter, and although we still do not have an official Season 4 premiere date, fans are convinced that the video is a sign that new episodes are on their way soon. So, does this new Rick and Morty video prove that Season 4 is coming soon, or is it just a random bit of fun to ring in the new year? Let’s get into everything we know about the mysterious new season.

It has been over a year since the last new episode of Rick and Morty aired, and there has still not been a peep about when the new season may premiere, so fans are understandably antsy right now. The good news is that Cartoon Network ordered a whopping 70 new episodes of the animated hit back in May of 2018, so a fourth season (and many more beyond that) is definitely on its way. And now, fans think that the new season is about to drop following a cryptic new video.

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