Seth MacFarlane: “I look back at early Family Guy and … wince a little bit”

Actor, writer, singer, producer and voice of Family Guy’s Stewie Griffin, Seth MacFarlane, 45, is back in the second season of sci-fi series The Orville
What can fans expect from the new season?
There is more action. Season 1 was an experiment in a lot of ways and now we’ve gotten the response we wanted, and the studio and network have been really pleased with what we’ve done, they’ve allowed us to stretch a bit, and given us the time and resources to do more complex scenes.
You seem to have 20 things on the go at any one time. How do you juggle your day?
It’s a full day. The one stipulation I have with The Orville is we have to have all the scripts written before we start shooting. I have no desire to spend 12, 14 hours a day filming something I am not absolutely sure I’ve polished to a perfect shine. As for the animated shows, I haven’t been [an executive] at Family Guy since 2010. I record them on weekends, but that’s really all I do. I’m more disconnected from those shows than people think.

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