Deadpool’s Tim Miller and David Fincher Team For Netflix Animated Shorts

Netflix has announced that Gone Girl helmer David Fincher and Deadpool director Tim Miller are teaming up on an animated anthology series for the streaming service entitled Love, Death & Robots.

The series, which will comprise of 18 animated shorts, will be aimed towards adults with stories that go across every genre from science fiction, comedy, fantasy and horror, including imaginative characters such as sentient dairy products, werewolf soldiers and robots gone wild.

Miller, who previously was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film for the 2004 animated short Gopher Broke, will be returning to his animation roots with the series and while not confirmed, it’s presumed he will more than likely utilize his animation company Blur Studio, while the team will also consist of filmmakers from around the world and feature various animation styles including traditional 2D and photorealistic CGI.

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