TigtoneReview: Adult Swim’s Animated Fantasy Insanity Series Is Visually Hypnotic


Back in 2017, I had a chance to check out the wholly original animated series Tigtone thanks to Adult Swim’s previews at RTX. I’ve been waiting for this insane fantasy series to see the light of day ever since. But some fans have been waiting even longer, namely those who first heard of this twisted brain-child of Andrew Koehler‘s back in 2011 and 2014 when a pair of Kickstarters were launched to get it off the ground. The result was the oft-viewed (but not often enough, in my opinion) YouTube video “The Begun of Tigtone”, a skewed fantasy tale that blended gorgeous art that could have come from a Renaissance painting or a D&D book with an over-the-top hero hungry for quests. I’m happy to say the spirit of the original imbues the new Adult Swim series, and the facial animations are more bizarre and hilarious than ever.

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