A Venture Bros. Season 8 May Very Well Happen on HBO Max


Anyone that’s watched Johnny Quest can probably take a look at Venture Bros. and assume that the story takes after the model without having to be told. What isn’t similar however is how the titular brothers tend to die so often only to be replaced by clones with no recollection of ever dying. It’s definitely been a show that has been meant to be on Adult Swim along with many other shows that share the macabre nature of those that attract so many interesting fans. But while it might still hold a lot of interest for people the announcement that the seventh season was it’s last obviously doesn’t sit well with a lot of fans that wanted to see more. This is why a move to HBO Max could possibly make a lot of people very happy since it could mean another season for the show and possibly more depending on what happens following the proposed move. Whether it’s a smart move or not is hard to say since it would make the fans happy, but keeping the fans happy isn’t always the smartest thing in the world since the fickle nature of so many fans makes it clear that giving them what they want can backfire in a big way. It’s not a guaranteed development, but it could very well happen since fans tend to switch interests way too quickly for any TV show to keep up with.

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