South Park Season 10

Starting its tenth season South Park has created a list of episodes that will be remembered years from now. South Park has once again proven that there is no show better at making smart satiric comedy. The first episode of the season sets the tone, with “The Return of Chef!” with its ability to parody any issue or story that may come up in the public eye. Keeping in true South Park style Season 10 continues satirizing of popular and controversial topics like Scientology, hybrid cars, Family Guy, depictions of Mohammad, James Frey and A Million Little Pieces, The Dog Whisperer, World of Warcraft, 9/11 conspiracies, religious wars, atheism, Nintendo, and underdog sports movies. Satire like that of the “Cartoon Wars” episodes really show how far the creators were willing to take the show in order to deliver good satire. This season is one of the best in the show’s entire run, and Matt Stone and Trey Parker continuing satirizing popular topics perfectly.

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