SuperMansion Book

Here they come, the world’s most useless, inept and dysfunctional superhero team ev-ver! Collected here in one volume are the first 2 full adventures of the League of Justice both written by Barry Hutchison, one of the writers of the show. Featuring two riotously funny, violently profanity-filled adventures that give crime fighting a bad name!

After successfully defeating arch villian PSY-CLONE, the LEAGE OF JUSTICE find themselves the proud owners of a cloning machine and despite vowing not to abuse it, promptly start doing just that, by creating versions of themselves to do all the ‘heroing’ stuff while they stay at home eating chips and watching daytime TV. At first it all goes well with the clones proving themselves to be even better than the originals, but when the clones start turning super bad, it’s up to the League to get off their fat asses and save the day, that is if they can be bothered…

Following the mayhem caused by the clones in Many Hands, the League find themselves sent on a super hero exchange program with a group of German heroes called DIE LIGA in the hope of improving their profile. However while in German, American Ranger (a hero from WW2 who was frozen in time) is arrested and charged with war crimes, and to make matters worse, Die Liga turn out to be far more interested in forming the Fourth Reich in Storm City than in solving crime! Now Rex and co must fight their way out of Germany and get back home in time to save the day!


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