Rick And Morty

Rick & Morty follows the adventures of Dr. Rick Sanchez, a surly, drunk, burned out scientist and Morty, his whiny, unwilling sidekick grandson, as they travel through space and time, fighting monsters aliens, and each other. Rick reappears in his daughter's life after 20 years and reeks havoc on the family. He sets up a science lab in the garage and takes his whiny, passive grandson (Morty) on interdimentional adventures. When they aren't running around the Galaxy evading monsters and stealing all kinds of contraband, Rick and Morty deal with their home life, including angsty teenage sister Summer and the crumbling marriage of parents Beth and Jerry. Despite all of their problems, Rick and Morty generally get along, at least enough to survive each adventure.

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If it’s a Rick and Morty commercial, you know a couple things are gonna be true about it. It’s gonna be very, very aware ...
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RICK AND MORTY IS DOING EVERYTHING IT CAN to avoid serialization, but that hasn’t stopped fans of the popular sci-fi cartoon from demanding ...
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Rick And Morty has easily become one of the most popular animated series to be released as a part of the Cartoon ...
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