February 29, 2020

Robot Chicken

Words cannot explain Robot Chicken, only the experience of watching it can help you understand the series. Robot Chicken provides an insane compilation of stop-motion animated shorts with little to no rhyme or reason, except to be hilarious. Part satire, part lampoon, part deadpan, and part slapstick, Robot Chicken provides an insane level of crude humor at a lightning fast pace, all through the medium of stop motion animation. No pop culture topic is off limits... basically, there are no limits at all.

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“Micro Mayhem,” a new stop-motion animated series, is coming to Quibi. The short-form streaming service, which launches in April, announced ...
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It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood. A phenomenal day for a cyborg Mr. Rogers geared up with every kindness ...
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Robot Chicken continues its wanton ridicule of any and all issues in the currently-running tenth season, and the Grownup Swim stop-motion ...
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